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Thompson Teachings LLC

I am a Yurok & Karuk Native American education-focused creator based in California, USA.


Full-time Ph.D. student in Environmental Studies at the University of California Santa Cruz and part-time Restoration Engineer for the Yurok Tribe. Brook Thompson's work and passion revolve around protecting waterways and species that use natural water worldwide. She does this through education about local rivers and sealife that is relevant to her Native American culture and increasing the number of Indigenous peoples in STEM fields. Below are some of her current products, with more to come in the near future.

Thompson Teachings is a minority and woman sole-ownership company.

Chinook Salmon & Pacific Lamprey Stuffed Animals

I designed these Chinook Salmon and Pacific Lamprey stuffed animals because I deeply love my Native American culture. I tried to find cute Pacific salmon and lamprey plushies, and I could not find any that met my standards. As well as learning that many people do not know what a lamprey is or how cool they are! I hope to change that! Both these creatures are significant to Pacific Northwest tribes and face threats as climate change and other environmental adversities threaten them. That is why I donate 5% of my net profits from the sale of them to organizations that help protect these creatures! 

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Pacific Coast
Go Fish

These Go Fiish cards were originally designed for the Yurok Language Department so that kids and families could play culturally relevant games that make learning language fun! However, elders in the Yurok Tribe decided that no language materials could be sold for profit. So, here is a version that anyone can buy with fun animal facts on each of the 22 uniquely designed cards. Brook drew each design herself based on species culturally relevant to local tribes in Northern California who live in or by the Pacific Ocean.

Chinook Salmon & Pacific Lamprey Educational Pamphlet

Pacific lamprey and Chinook salmon have so many cool aspects to them. And yet and not well understood. This pamphlet gives an overview of the cultural significance of each on the Klamath River, life cycles, anatomy, ranges, and interesting facts. For example, did you know that lampreys existed 360 million years ago, before the time of dinosaurs!? They survived all these years. This is a perfect addition to the salmon, and lamprey stuffed animals to learn more about your new friends. Education and appreciation are the first steps in protection.  This pamphlet start-up was funded thanks to an American Fisheries Society grant.


Lectures on Indigenous Knowledge & Environmental Justice 

Brook gives speeches to colleges (including Stanford Law School and Harvard Kennedy Schoo), government agencies (such as the Bureau of Reclamation and the Smithsonian Museum of the American Indian), Non-Profits (examples are The Nature Conservancy and Rouge River Climate), High Schools, and other organizations. She has given over 50 speeches including internationally as a keynote or panelist in the last four years. Often invited back for multiple years.  Miss Thompson prides herself in combining Indigenous knowledge, public policy, Native American history, enviromental justice, and engineering in a way all levels of audience education can appreciate. 

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.”


Nelson Mandela, 2003

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