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ECO-Friendly Chinook Salmon & Pacific Lamprey Plushie

Ocean Water


The tribes along the Klamath River in California, such as mine, depend on the river animals such as Lamprey and Salmon. I grew up spending my days rocking back and forth on the boat, catching salmon and lamprey with my family. 

However, the salmon population has been declining because of pollution, dams, droughts, and more. While there has been much attention on salmon, there has not been much on Lamprey.  I tried finding cute chinook salmon and pacific lamprey stuffed animals, but it seemed like they did not exist!  So like any sane person working full time and doing a Ph.D. I decided to go out and design one myself! 

I hope others can find the joy in salmon and lamprey that I have and fight with me to protect these keystone species. 



We care about these stuffed animals' entire production and life cycle. Prioritizing transparency. 

The lamprey and salmon were designed by me, Brook Thompson! With consultation from tribal fisheries experts. The stuffing is made from old plastic bottles, keeping them out of the ocean! (Recycled fiber cotton pet bottle flakes). The plastic bottles go through several grinding processes and then are spun into a light cotton-like material. 

5% of Net Profit goes to organizations saving salmon and lamprey or protecting the Pacific Ocean, such as Save California Salmon, Salmonid Restoration Federation, and the Center for Biological Diversity.


End of Use Recycling. After all the love and fun is done with your stuffed animal friends, send them back to the company, and we will recycle them through Terracycle, so they do not end up in a landfill and will be remade into new products. Ensuring less landfill waste. 

Find out more about TerraCycle here:

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